Feat Category – Ghost

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Haunting Appearance You can make your ghost body assume a terrifying appearance ... Ghostwalk
Haunting Voice You can make your voice originate from another location. Ghostwalk
Horrific Appearance You can blast creatures with your simple appearance. Ghostwalk
Improved Control Visage You can change your ghost form's appearance. Ghostwalk
Improved Deflection You are adept at deflecting things before they strike you. Ghostwalk
Improved Ghost Flight Your ghost body can fly rapidly. Ghostwalk
Improved Poltergeist Hand You can move a large object at a distance when ... Ghostwalk
Incorporeal Form You can become incorporeal even when you would otherwise be ... Ghostwalk
Malevolence You can possess a creature and control its actions. Ghostwalk
Minor Malevolence You can possess a creature for a short while and ... Ghostwalk
Nauseating Touch When you touch a living creature, you can make it ... Ghostwalk
Poltergeist Hand You can move small objects in a limited manner at ... Ghostwalk
Poltergeist Rage You can throw heavy objects with the power of your ... Ghostwalk
Rend Ghost Your touch can maul the ectoplasm of another ghost. Ghostwalk
Sculpt Ghost Body You can reshape your ghost body's ectoplasm to enhance one ... Ghostwalk
Shape Ectoplasm You can make equipment out of ectoplasm. Ghostwalk
Shriveling Touch Choose one physical ability score (Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution). When ... Ghostwalk
Solid Visage Your ghost body appears solid and alive. Ghostwalk
Temper Ectoplasm You can make durable equipment out of ectoplasm. Ghostwalk
Touch Attack Specialization Choose one of your ghost touch attacks that deals hit ... Ghostwalk