Feats in Complete Mage

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Magic Sensitive You literally see the emanations of magic around you. Complete Mage
Master of Undeath You can control an undead that you create . . ... Complete Mage
Melodic Casting You can weave your music and magic together into a ... Complete Mage
Metamagic School Focus You are unusually skilled at modifying the effects of a ... Complete Mage
Metamagic Spell Trigger You can apply metamagic feats you know to spell effects ... Complete Mage
Metamagic Vigor The energy you pour into increasing the power of your ... Complete Mage
Minor Shapeshift Your mastery of shapeshifting magic allows you to reshape your ... Complete Mage
Mystic Backlash With a touch, your magic corrupts the spells of your ... Complete Mage
Piercing Evocation Your evocation spells ignore an amount of energy resistance. Complete Mage
Ranged Recall Your magical ranged attacks rarely miss. Complete Mage
Rapid Metamagic You possess an uncanny mastery of your magic, enabling you ... Complete Mage
Residual Magic You can use the lingering energy from a spell you ... Complete Mage
Retributive Spell You can keep a spell in reserve to use when ... Complete Mage
Shadow Veil You draw wisps of darkness across your enemy's eyes, obscuring ... Complete Mage
Sickening Grasp You wreak havoc with the inner organs of a target, ... Complete Mage
Somatic Weaponry You are adept at performing somatic spell components while your ... Complete Mage
Storm Bolt The electrical energy contained within your magic rages inside you, ... Complete Mage
Summon Elemental You can channel the summoning power you hold to briefly ... Complete Mage
Sunlight Eyes The bright magic within you allows you to see through ... Complete Mage
Touch of Distraction Your touch briefly clouds the mind of a foe, impeding ... Complete Mage