Classes in Complete Divine

Class name Prestige
Black Flame Zealot yes
Blighter yes
Church Inquisitor yes
Consecrated Harrier yes
Contemplative yes
Divine Crusader yes
Divine Oracle yes
Dweomerkeeper yes
Entropomancer yes
Evangelist yes
Favored Soul no
Geomancer yes
Holy Liberator yes
Hospitaler yes
Master of Shrouds yes
Moon Guardian yes
Nightcloak yes
Pious Templar yes
Radiant Servant of Pelor yes
Rainbow Servant yes
Sacred Exorcist yes
Sacred Fist yes
Seeker of the Misty Isle yes
Shining Blade of Heironeous yes
Shugenja no
Spirit Shaman no
Stormlord yes
Temple Raider of Olidammara yes
Ur-priest yes
Void Disciple yes
Warpriest yes