Feat Category – Racial

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Breathing Link You can allow a person adjacent to you to breathe ... Races of Faerun
Bright Sigil You have established a greater degree of control over your ... Races of Destiny
Brute Fighting Your extensive training with two-handed weapons is revealed through brutally ... Races of Eberron
Burrow friend Your natural rapport with burrowing mammals improves. Races of Stone
Call of the Undying You call upon the power of the Undying Court to ... Races of Eberron
Channeled Rage You can focus your rage to counter charms and compulsions. Races of Destiny
Chondathan Missionary Your training has emphasized spells that help you spread the ... Races of Faerun
Clan Prestige Your actions have brought you some measure of fame and ... Races of Stone
Complementary Insight You get more out of having skills that work well ... Races of Destiny
Dancing with Shadows You have studied sheshan talarash dasyannah, the martial dance of ... Races of Eberron
Darguun Mauler The memory of your people's lost glory drives your brutal ... Races of Eberron
Dinosaur Wrangler You are attuned to dinosaurs and possess a special bond ... Races of Eberron
Disturbing Visage You can change your features to chilling effect. Races of Eberron
Diverse Background You have a wide and diverse background, giving you a ... Races of Destiny
Dromite Barrier You can convert uses of your energy ray psi-like ability ... Complete Psionic
Dromite Ray You can use your energy ray psi-like ability more often. Complete Psionic
Drow Eyes You have trained your eyes to see in the dark ... Races of Faerun
Drow Scorpion Warrior Your study of the ways of the scorpion grants you ... Secrets of Xen'drik
Drow Skirmisher Your experience with the guerrilla-style combat of the deep jungle ... Races of Eberron
Drow Skirmisher Your experience with the guerrilla-style combat of the deep jungle ... Secrets of Xen'drik