Draconic Heritage

( Complete Arcane, p. 77)


You have greater connection with your distant draconic bloodline.


Sorcerer level 1,

Required for

Draconic Claw (CAr) , Draconic Flight (CAr) , Draconic Power (CAr) , Draconic Presence (CAr) , Draconic Resistance (CAr) , Draconic Skin (CAr) , Draconic Breath (CAr) ,


Choose one dragon from the Draconic Heritage list below and gain the indicated skill as a class skill. This is your draconic heritage, which cannot be changed once the feat has been taken. Half-dragons must choose the same dragon kind as their dragon parent. In addition, you gain a bonus on saving throws against sleep and paralysis, as well as spells and abilities with the energy type of your Draconic Heritage. This bonus is equal to the number of draconic feats you have. Draconic Heritage. Dragon -- Energy ----- Skill. Black -----Acid ---------Hide. Blue ------Electricity --- Listen. Green ----Acid -------- Move Silently. Red ------ Fire --------- Intimidate. White ---- Cold -------- Balance. Brass ---- Fire -------- Gather Information. Bronze -- Electricity -- Survival. Copper -- Acid -------- Hide. Gold ----- Fire --------- Heal. Silver ---- Cold -------- Disguise.

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