Bestial Charge

( Complete Champion, p. 56)


You have learned to take complete advantage of the animal forms you can assume.


Base attack bonus +4, wild shape class feature,


This feat allows the use of three tactical maneuvers, each of which requires that you attempt a charge attack in the round immediately following your shift into animal form using wild shape. If you have the Swift Wild Shape feat (page 62), you can attempt the charge in the same round as you change forms. Pouncing Charge: You can make a full attack after you charge, as if you had the pounce ability (MM 313). If the animal form you have assumed normally has the pounce ability, your bonus on attack rolls when charging increases to +3. Striking Charge: For the purpose of this charge attack only, you gain an extra 5 feet of reach by suddenly striking forward with your head and neck. You must assume a serpentine animal form to employ this maneuver. Twisting Charge: You can change direction during a charge, as long as you move at least 10 feet both before and after you turn. You must assume an animal form with four or more legs to employ this maneuver.


You can make only a single attack after charging, with a +2 bonus on attack rolls. You can charge only in a straight line.