Earth Devotion

( Complete Champion, p. 58)


You can manipulate the earth to your advantage.



Once per day as an immediate action, you can ignore the effects of difficult terrain or make terrain near you more difficult to move through. If you use this ability on yourself, you can ignore the effects of difficult terrain for 1 minute. This ability also grants you a +5 sacred (if your deity is good or neutral) or profane (if your deity is evil) bonus on Balance, Climb, and Jump checks. If you use this ability to affect nearby terrain, you can change one 5-foot square of earth or stone from normal to difficult terrain for every three character levels you possess (minimum 1 square; maximum 6 squares at 18th level). The first square you change must be within 30 feet of you, and all other squares must be linked to that one in an unbroken line. Thus, the second square must be adjacent to the first, the third must be adjacent to the first or second, and so on. This change lasts for 1 minute. On attaining 10th level, you can cause stone spikes to grow from any surface you have changed to difficult terrain using this ability. These spikes work like caltrops (PH 126), except that the bonus on attack rolls for each spike equals your base attack bonus, and they cannot be swept away. This effect also lasts 1 minute. If you cause spikes to appear underneath a creature on the affected surface, they immediately "attack. " SPECIAL: You can select this feat multiple times, gaining one additional daily use each time you take it.


If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead, you gain one additional daily use of this feat for each daily turn or rebuke use you expend.