Feats in Complete Divine

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Arcane Disciple Choose a deity, and then select a domain available to ... Complete Divine
Augment Healing Your Conjuration [Healing] spells are more effective. Complete Divine
Boar's Ferocity You can continue fighting even at the brink of death. Complete Divine
Bonus Domain You have access to one additional domain of spells. Complete Divine
Cheetah's Speed You can run with the speed of the cheetah. Complete Divine
Consecrate Spell You can imbue your spells with the raw energy of ... Complete Divine
Corrupt Spell You can transform one of your spells into an evil ... Complete Divine
Disciple of the Sun You can destroy undead instead of merely turning them. Complete Divine
Divine Metamagic You can channel energy into some of your divine spells ... Complete Divine
Divine Spell Power You can channel positive or negative energy to enhance your ... Complete Divine
Domain Focus You have mastered the subtle intricacies of the divine power ... Complete Divine
Domain Spontaneity You are so familiar with one of your domains that ... Complete Divine
Eagle's Wings You can take wing and fl y with the grace ... Complete Divine
Elemental Healing You can channel elemental energy to heal creatures of a ... Complete Divine
Elemental Smiting You can channel elemental energy to deal extra damage to ... Complete Divine
Elephant's Hide You can thicken your skin to the toughness of an ... Complete Divine
Empower Turning You can turn or rebuke more undead with a single ... Complete Divine
Epic Devotion Choose an alignment component (chaos, evil, good, or law) different ... Complete Divine
Extra Wild Shape You can use wild shape more frequently than you normally ... Complete Divine
Fast Wild Shape You assume your wild shape faster and more easily than ... Complete Divine