Close-Quarters Fighting

( Complete Warrior, p. 97)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You are skilled at fighting at close range and resisting grapple attempts.


Base attack bonus +3,

Required for

Overhead Thrust (Dr) ,


You gain an attack of opportunity whenever an enemy attempts to grapple you, even if the enemy has a feat or special ability that would normally bypass the attack. If you deal damage with this attack, the enemy fails to start the grapple unless it has the Improved Grapple feat or a special ability such as improved grab. If the enemy has such an ability, you may add the damage you deal as a bonus on your opposed check to resist being grappled. This feat does not give you extra attacks of opportunity during a round or allow you to make an attack of opportunity when you would be denied one for being surprised, helpless, or in a similar situation. For example, an ogre attempts to grapple Tordek. Tordek gains an attack of opportunity, hits, and causes damage. Since the ogre does not have any sort of grappling special ability or feat, it fails to start a grapple. Then an ankheg--a creature with the improved grab special ability--attempts to grapple Tordek. He takes an attack of opportunity, hits, and deals 10 points of damage to the creature. Tordek then adds +10 to his opposed check to resist being grappled.


A fighter may select Close-Quarters Fighting as one of his fighter bonus feats.


Creatures with Improved Grapple, improved grab, or similar feats or special abilities do not provoke attacks of opportunity when they attempt to start a grapple.

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