Ranged Pin

( Complete Warrior, p. 104)


Use Ranged weapon to grapple foe within 30'.


Point Blank Shot (PH) , Precise Shot (PH) , DEX 15, Base attack bonus +5,


You can perform a ranged grapple attempt against an opponent by pinning a bit of it's clothing to a nearby surface. The target must be within 5' of a wall, tree, or other surface in which a thrown weapon or projectile can be stuck and must be wearing some sort of clothing, armor or other accoutrement. you must succeed on a ranged attack (not a ranged touch attack) and then win an opposed grapple check (your size modifier, and the target's size modifiers still apply). To break free, the victum must make a DC 15 Strength check or a DC 15 Escape artist check as a standard action. A fighter may select Ranged Pin as one of his fighter bonus feats.