Ranged Sunder

( Complete Warrior, p. 104)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You can attack an opponent's weapon at a distance.


Point Blank Shot (PH) , Precise Shot (PH) , STR 13, Base Attack bonus +5,


When attacking objects, you deal full damage instead of half damage) with slashing or bludgeoning ranged weapons. You can make ranged sunder attempts with piercing weapons, such as arrows, but you deal only half damage; divide by 2 before applying the object's hardness. (see the Sunder special attack on page 158 of the Player's handbook, as well as page 166 for the hardness of common substances and items). You must be within 30' of your opponents to make a ranged sunder attempts.


Special: A fighter may select Ranged Sunder as one of
his fighter bonus feats.
When using this feat, a character gains no benefit from
the Improved Sunder feat.


Objects take half damage from ranged weapons (other than siege weapons and the like ). You can only sunder with a melee attack using a slashing or bludgeoning weapon