Fey Bloodline

( Dragon Compendium)


ne of your ancestors was a fey creature, or was raised as such. Fey sometimes take humanoid mates or capture children and raise them as their own. Fey-blooded characters vary greatly in appearance but most have some odd feature that marks them, such as a strange eye or hair color.

The heirs of dryads are often quite shy but they possess quick minds and an earthy beauty. Grig-blooded characters are mischievous and lighthearted, while those with pixie blood are prone to take their pranks too far. Characters with nixie blood are suspicious beings who tend to avoid strangers but remain fiercely loyal to places or persons they love.

Sorcerers with fey blood often have changing, fickle natures. They are quick to laugh and play tricks, but slow to forgive or forget slights. They adventure primarily out of a sense of alienation, seeking some place or group to which they can belong. They are fond of spells that deceive and manipulate emotions, such as charm person.


Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation,

Required for

Fey's Fate (DC) ,


Benefit: Your ancestry grants you a bonus spell known at each spell level, starting at 1st, according to the following list.
1st—Detect secret doors
4th—Hallucinatory terrain
8th—Otto's irresistible dance
9th—Wail of the banshee


If a character takes this feat any time after 1st level and has already learned any of the spells on this
list in the class that granted him access to this feat, he gains no additional spells known at those spell levels. This restriction does not apply if he learned any of these spells as a member of another spellcasting class.

Although folklore often associates fey creatures with the spirits of the dead, this belief could not be further from the truth—in fact, all fey are inherently bound to life. Thus, characters with the Fey Bloodline feat cannot learn or cast spells that create or control undead, and all such spells are removed from the spell lists of all their spellcasting classes.

A character may choose only one base bloodline feat.