Tremendous Charge

( Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You know how to use your mount's power to make your lance attacks even more deadly.


Mounted Combat (PH) , Ride 1 ranks,


When you employ a heavy lance in a mounted charge, you can choose to use your mount's Strength score instead of your own for determining your damage bonus. For example, if you are a human fighter with a strength score of 14 mounted on a heavy warhorse (Strength 18), you would deal 1d8+4 damage with your lance instead of 1d8+2 damage. You deal double damage for using the lance in a charge, as normal.

After you roll your attack and damage, the lance you use must make a DC 8 Fort save or be shivered into pieces by the tremendous charge.


You must be armed with a heavy lance or similar weapon (such as a dragonlance). You can use this feat while mounted on a flying creature, such as a dragon.


Lances deal double damage when used in a mounted charge, but you use your own Strength score to determine the damage bonus. Lances do not have a chance to break in normal combat.