Favored in Guild

( Dungeon Master's Guide II, p. 227)


You are an active and valued member of your guild.


Membership in a guild,

Required for

Guildmaster (DMG2) ,


Select one of your guild's associated skills. As long as you remain a member of that guild, you gain a +2 competence bonus on all checks made with that skill.

As a fringe benefit, you also gain an ability relating to your guild's type, as described below.

Arcane: The guild subsidizes the creation of magic items, reducing your raw material costs by 5%.

Criminal: The guild opens up new options for black marketeering. Once every character level, you can purchase any product or service for 75% of its actual price in any city in which your guild maintains a guildhouse.

Government: You gain a +1 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks when dealing with members of any guild, including your own.

Mercantile: You can charge a little bit more for the goods and services you sell, since membership in the guild implies quality. Once per character level, you can sell a good or service for 100% markup over its regular price in any city where the organization maintains a guildhouse.

Mercenary: Members of the same mercenary guild tend to use combat tactics that mesh well with each other. Whenever you are adjacent to another member, each of you gains a +1 competence bonus to Armor Class.

Naturalist: A naturalist guild uses a complex and constantly evolving set of trailglyphs and blazes to keep its members informed of dangers, shelter, good hunting, and other hazards or hidden benefits in the wilderness. You gain a +2 competence bonus on any Survival check made to keep from getting lost or to avoid a natural hazard, such as quicksand. In addition, you can choose a particular type of creature from the following list: animal, fey, giant, monstrous humanoid, plant, or vermin. You gain a +5 competence bonus on any Knowledge (nature) check you make concerning your chosen creature type.

Performer: While in a city that has a guildhouse, you can substitute a Perform or Profession check for a Diplomacy or Gather Information check by offering your service for free. In addition, you gain twice the normal income when using the Perform or Profession skill to earn money.

Psionic: The guild subsidizes the creation of psionic items, reducing your raw material costs by 5%.

Religious: Your faith is bolstered by active membership in the guild. Once per character level, you can deem a particularly insidious mind-affecting ability possessed by an enemy to be a test of faith, thereby gaining a one-time +5 bonus on your Will saving throw.

Scholastic: Once per character level, you can take 20 on any Knowledge skill in which you have at least 1 rank. Using this ability takes 1 hour, and you can do so only while you are in your guildhouse, since you must research the desired information in the guild's holdings from other guild members to accomplish the task.


To receive general benefits from your guild, you must pay your monthly dues. You do not gain any guild fringe benefits.

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