( Dungeon Master's Guide II, p. 176)


A character who takes this feat has offered his knowledge and skill to a lower-level NPC and takes that NPC on as an apprentice.


Apprentice (DMG2) , 8 Ranks in at least two of the four skills associated with your Mentor Category, Must have graduated from an Apprenticeship,


When you select this feat, you gain all the benefits described in this section for being a mentor.

First the Mentor gains an Apprentice

Second, since the Mentor spends so much time teaching and practicing they gain a +2 competence bonus to any of the four associated skills:

Mentor Category Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4
Craftsman Appraise Craft (any) Knowledge (Arch/Eng) Profession (any)
Criminal Bluff Gather Information Open Lock Sleight of Hand
Entertainer Diplomacy Gather Information Perform Profession (any)
Martial Artist Balance Concentration Jump Tumble
Philosopher Concentration Knowledge (Religion) Knowledge (any one other) Sense Motive
Soldier Climb Handle Animal Intimidate Ride
Spellcaster Concentration Knowledge (Arcana) Spellcraft Use Magic Device
Woodsman Climb Handle Animal Knowledge (Nature) Survival