Wrest Possession

( Faiths of Eberron, p. 148)


If you resist control by a possessing fiend, you can attempt to seize control of its abilities.


Nongood alignment. Cha 15,


You can communicate telepathically with any fiend possessing you (ECS 100), though you can't access its thoughts. If you resist: fhree consecutive attempts by a possessing fiend to control your body, you can make an attempt to seize control of its abilities instead- Make a special level check (ld20 + your character level + your Cha modifier) against a DC of 10 * the fiend's HD + the liend's Cha modifier. If you succeed on this check, the fiend loses access to your senses. Furthermore, if your level equals or exceeds the fiend's HD, you also gain control over all the fiend's extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like abilities that don't depend on its physical form. You can activate those powers on your turn as if they were your own. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus. When this control lapses, you cannot attempt to assert control again unless you again resist three consecutive control attempts by that fiend.


If you resist a fiend's possession attempt three times in succession, it cannot take control of you for 24 hours but is otherwise unaffected.