Feats in Frostburn

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Altitude Adaptation Your body adapts quickly to changes in altitude, preventing you ... Frostburn
Arctic Priest You can swap out prepared spells to cast spells to ... Frostburn
Beckon the Frozen Creatures you summon are infused with cold energy and have ... Frostburn
Chosen of Iborighu Your skin has a noticeable blue tint and your left ... Frostburn
Cold Endurance Either because of growing up in a frostfell or training ... Frostburn
Cold Focus Your cold spells are more potent than normal. Frostburn
Cold Spell Specialization You do additional damage with cold spells. Frostburn
Craft Skull Talisman You can create skull talismans, which carry spells within themselves ... Frostburn
Faith in the Frost You channel frozen energies from your deity when you turn ... Frostburn
Frostfell Prodigy You gain additional bonus spells in cold regions. Frostburn
Frozen Berserker When you enter your barbarian rage, your body becomes infused ... Frostburn
Frozen Magic Your cold spells are more powerful when you cast them ... Frostburn
Frozen Wild Shape You can assume the form of magical beasts with the ... Frostburn
Greater Cold Focus Your cold spells are now even more potent than before. Frostburn
Ice Harmonics You can use your voice to shatter ice. Frostburn
Icy Calling Your summon spells work better in the frostfell if you ... Frostburn
Improved Cold Endurance Your training and natural hardiness have improved your natural resistance ... Frostburn
Improved Frosty Touch Your frosty touch causes more cold damage. Frostburn
Mark of Hleid You bear a birthmark in the shape of the holy ... Frostburn
Mountaineer You are a particularly gifted explorer and mountain climber. Frostburn