Debilitating Spell

( Heroes of Horror, p. 120)


By calling upon the taint within, you add a malign power to your offensive spells.


Surge of Malevolence (HH) , moderate taint,


This feat adds the evil descriptor to a spell. Furthermore, if the spell deals any physical damage to a subject, the target also takes either 2 points of Constitution damage (if your corruption is higher than your depravity) or 4 points of Wisdom damage (if your depravity is higher than your corruption). If you have an equal level of corruption and depravity, choose which sort of damage you wish to deal. The spell deals this ability damage only to a single target, even if the spell itself affects an area or more than one subject (in which case, you choose the target affected by your taint). You can use this ability twice per day if you have moderate taint and four times per day if you have severe taint.


You must declare whether you are using this feat before casting the spell. If you use this feat on a creature immune to the ability damage, that daily use of the feat is still expended. You cannot combine this feat with Debilitating Strike on a single attack (for example, with a touch attack spell). If you have both feats, you must elect to use one or the other on a given attack.