Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.

Spell Thematics

( Magic of Faerun, p. 22)


Your spells have a distinct visual or auditory effect in their manifestation.


Must be able to cast at least one illusion spell,


Choose a theme for your spellcasting, such as "ice" or "fire" or "screaming skulls." All spells you cast have this theme in the manifestation of their effects, although this does not actually change the spell in any way. You cannot use this feat to make your spell manifestations invisible, and it never causes your spells to deal more damage because of the visual change. (You may still cast spells without this thematic manifestation if you so choose.) For example, if your theme is "fire," then your magic missile spell might appear to produce bolts of fire, although the bolts still are a force effect and cause normal damage, not fire damage. If your theme is "screaming skulls," your fireball might manifest as a small screaming skull that impacts the target and explodes into a fiery ball that momentarily resembles a 20-foot-radius burning skull, although it causes damage exactly like a standard fireball (and doesn't cause any sonic damage, despite the screaming of the skull). Add +5 to the DC of any Spellcraft check made to identify a spell cast in this manner.

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