Clinging Breath

( Monster Manual IV, p. 202)


This feat enables a creature's breath weapon to cling to creatures and continue to affect them after it has breathed.


CON 13, breath weapon with recharge time expressed in rounds,

Required for

Lingering Breath (MM4) ,


When a creature uses its breath weapon, it can choose for it to deal additional damage in the next round to all creatures and objects affected by it. This additional damage is equal to half the damage the breath weapon dealt to that creature or object. A second save is not allowed, but any creature or object that avoided all damage from the breath weapon in the first round (such as from evasion) does not take any extra damage.

As a full-round action, a targeted creature can attempt a Reflex save (using the breath weapon's original save DC) to remove the clinging breath weapon and negate further damage. Rolling around on the ground grants a +2 bonus on this save.

This feat only works on a breath weapon that has instantaneous duration and that deals damage.

When a creature uses this feat, add 1 to the number of rounds it must wait before using its breath weapon again.


This feat originally appeared in Draconomicon; this is a revised version. If you have Draconomicon, Clinging Breath is treated as a Metabreath feat.

Also appears in

  1. Draconomicon