Powerful Charge

( Monster Manual V, p. 205)


A creature with this feat can charge with extra force.


base attack bonus +1, Medium or larger,


When the creature charges, if its melee attack hits, it deals an extra 1d8 points of damage (if it is of Medium size). For Large creatures, the extra damage is 2d6 points; for Huge, 3d6; for Gargantuan, 4d6; and for Colossal, 6d6. This feat only works when the creature makes a charge. It does not work when the creature is mounted. If the creature has the ability to make multiple attacks after a charge, it can only apply this extra damage to one of those attacks.


A fighter can select Powerful Charge as one of his fi ghter bonus feats.

Also appears in

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  2. Eberron Campaign Setting
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  4. Monster Manual III