Elven Spell Lore

( Player's Handbook II, p. 78)


You have studied the mighty arcane traditions of the elves, granting you insight into the intricate workings of magic and the theoretical structures behind spells.


Knowledge (arcana) 12 ranks, Int 17 or Elf,


Your understanding of the elven secrets of magic grants you two benefits. When you cast dispel magic or greater dispel magic, you gain a +2 bonus on your caster level check. Your understanding of magic allows you to more easily unravel the power that sustains a foe's spell. In addition, your knowledge of magic grants you rare insights into forgotten spell lore. Choose a single spell in your spellbook when you take this feat. When preparing that spell, you can alter the type of damage it deals to a single type of your choice. You must make this choice when preparing the spell (those who do not prepare spells cannot benefit from this aspect of the feat). You can prepare the spell multiple times, selecting the same or a different energy type for it with each preparation. You can gain this feat multiple times. The caster level bonus does not stack, and each time you take the feat, a different spell must be chosen.