Ranged Weapon Mastery

( Player's Handbook II, p. 82)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You have mastered a wide range of weapons. Your training with one specific weapon now extends to other weapons of a similar sort.


base attack bonus +8, Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, Weapon Specialization with selected weapon,


When you select this feat, choose bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing. You must have Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization with a ranged weapon that deals this type of damage. When using any ranged weapon that has the damage type you selected, you gain a +2 bonus on attacks and a +2 bonus on damage. In addition, you increase its range increment by 20 feet.


You can select this feat more than once. Each time, you can select a new damage type. A fighter can choose Ranged Weapon Mastery as one of his fighter bonus feats.