Spell-Linked Familiar

( Player's Handbook II, p. 83)


You and your familiar can share spell energy, allowing your familiar to cast a limited number of spells each day.


arcane caster level 9, familiar,


Your familiar can cast spells that you grant to it. A familiar gains spells based on your arcane caster level, and any spells granted to your familiar are subtracted from your daily allotment.

The maximum number of spells of a certain level that you can grant to your familiar is given on the table below. For example, as a 16th-level arcane caster, you can grant your familiar as many as three 0-level spells, two 1st-level spells, and one 2nd-level spell.

—Spell Level—
Caster Level 0 1st 2nd
9th-11th 1
12th-14th 2 1
15th-17th 3 2 1
18th-20th 4 3 2

The familiar uses 1/2 your caster level as its caster level. It cannot cast spells that have a gp or XP cost, or that require a focus. A familiar does not need somatic, material, or verbal components to cast a spell that was granted to it by this feat.