Boomerang Ricochet

( Races of Eberron, p. 108)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You can strike up to two foes with a single boomerang throw.


DEX 13, base attack bonus +4, proficiency with Talenta boomerang or Xen'drik boomerang,


You can hurl a Talenta boomerang or Xen'drik boomerang (see page 119 of the EBERRON Campaign Setting) in such a way that it ricochets off one target to strike a second target of your choice. If your initial attack hits, you immediately make a second attack roll at a -2 penalty against any target adjacent to the original target. If the first target is hit by a sneak attack with a boomerang under the effect of this feat, the second target is not also vulnerable to a sneak attack on the ricochet.


A halfling fighter from the Talenta Plains or a drow fighter from Xen'drik can select Boomerang Ricochet as one of his fighter bonus feats.