Winged Warrior

( Races of the Wild, p. 153)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You use your wings for more than just flying.


Hover (MM) , base attack bonus +4, must have wings,


The Winged Warrior feat enables the use of three tactical maneuvers. Dustup: To use this maneuver, you must be standing in, or flying no more than 10 feet above, an area with a lot of loose debris. If you flap your wings hard as a move action, the draft creates a hemispherical cloud with a radius of 20 feet. Clear vision within the cloud is limited to 10 feet. Creatures 11 to 20 feet away have concealment. At over 20 feet, creatures have total concealment. Those caught in the cloud must succeed on a Concentration check (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level) to cast a spell. Flying Leap: To use this maneuver, you must move a distance greater than your base land speed during the round. If you do, you gain a +4 bonus on Jump, Balance, and Climb checks because your wings give you lift and stabilize you. Shroud of Feathers: To use this maneuver, you must spend a move action to pull your wings around your body. You cannot be flying during this maneuver. You can then attempt to feint in combat (as described in the Bluff skill description, page 68 of the Player's Handbook) as part of your attack, suddenly spreading your wings to reveal your weapon just as it's about to land a blow. The shroud of feathers maneuver works on a given foe only once per combat.


The Hover feat (see page 304 of the Monster Manual) grants creatures of Large size or larger a bigger dust cloud than that granted with the dustup maneuver.|||A fighter may select Winged Warrior as one of his fighter bonus feats.