Blessed of Vulkoor

( Secrets of Xen'drik, p. 134)


A Scorpion-shaped Birthmark denotes you as one of ihe chosen of Vulkoor.


Drow, region of origin Xen'drik,


. You gain extra spell-like Abilities and an affinity for scorpions, the deity's favored children . A.~ a blessed of Vulkoor. you gain the lot lowing spell-like abilities as a 1st-level caster: 1 /day--acid splash, detect poison. pass without trace. If you have the ability to summon a familiar, you can choose to gain a Tiny monstrous scorpion in addition to the list of available options. If you have an animal companion, you can add ihe following creatures to the list of available options: 1st level --Small or Medium monstrous scorpion: 4th level --Large monsirous scorpion; lOlh level --Huge monstrous scorpion. If you have the wild empathy ability, you can treat scorpions as animals for the purpose of lhat ability.


Unlike most feats, this feat must be taken at 1st Level during character creation .