( Stormwrack, p. 94)


You can use song or a wind instrument to compel the winds to obey you. The bard who possesses this feat is highly favored aboard a sailing vessel; indeed, a bard who demonstrates the ability to control the wind to some degree is usually given an officer?s position aboard ship.


Perform (sing or wind instrument) 5 ranks, Bardic music class feature,


By expending a daily bardic music use, you can lull the winds around a single ship into well-tamed gusts. They continue to blow into the sails of the ship as normal for their speed, but their effects on the crew are one stage in intensity less (see Table 1?2 on page 23). Thus, a strong wind affected by this ability continues to propel the ship along as normal for a strong wind, but it only affects the crew as though it were a moderate wind.

You can also alter the direction of the wind by one compass point (from north to north-west or north-east, from south-west to west or south, etc.).

These effects last as long as the bard continues to perform his bardic music, plus 10 rounds after the music has ended.