Distant Horizon

( Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, p. 34)


An initiate of the Setting Sun sometimes learns a set of combat maneuvers that combine to create the Distant Horizon fighting form. This form teaches you how to recognize an opponent's weaknesses in the current moment, as well as in the future. A blow struck now ruins an opponent's defenses against your next volley of attacks.


Falling Sun Attack (ToB) , INT 13, Base attack bonus +6, two Setting Sun maneuvers,


The Distant Horizon feat enables the use of three tactical options.

Continued Push: To use this option, you must move an opponent at least 5 feet with a bull rush attack or a Setting Sun strike. On your next turn, you gain a +4 bonus on any Strength, Dexterity, or grapple checks you make against that foe.

Turn the Tables: To use this option, a foe must charge you and either miss you with his charge attack or be unable to attempt the attack (perhaps because of your use of a maneuver). On your next turn, you can make a charge attack against that foe even if you cannot move more than 5 feet. You can also make a charge attack against that enemy even if you cannot charge in a straight line.

Lasting Weak Spot: To use this option, you must hit a foe that you flank with at least two melee attacks on your turn. On your next turn, as a standard action, you can make a single melee attack against your foe with a -2 penalty. If this attack hits, your foe takes an extra 1 point of damage from every melee attack that hits him for the next minute.