Feats in Tome of Magic

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Bind Vestige You know how to make pacts with otherworldly spirits called ... Tome of Magic
Bind Vestige, Improved You can bind a wider range of vestiges. Tome of Magic
Defense against the Supernatural Your in-depth knowledge of supernatural forces grants you greater ability ... Tome of Magic
Empower Mystery You can cast mysteries to greater effect. Tome of Magic
Empower Supernatural Ability You can use a supernatural ability with greater effect than ... Tome of Magic
Empower Utterance Your utterances have more powerful effects. Tome of Magic
Enlarge Mystery You can cast mysteries farther than normal. Tome of Magic
Enlarge Supernatural Ability You can increase the range of a supernatural attack. Tome of Magic
Enlarge Utterance You can project the power ot an utterance to a ... Tome of Magic
Expel Vestige You can expel a vestige to which you are bound ... Tome of Magic
Extend Mystery You can cast mysteries that last longer than normal. Tome of Magic
Extend Supernatural Ability You can cause a supernatural ability with a duration to ... Tome of Magic
Extend Utterance Your utterances have a more lasting effect on the universe. Tome of Magic
Favored Mystery The mystery you choose becomes easier to cast. Tome of Magic
Favored Vestige Choose one vestige to which you have access. You establish ... Tome of Magic
Favored Vestige Focus The supernatural abilities of your favored vestige are more potent ... Tome of Magic
Focused Lexicon Your utterances have greater effect against a certain type of ... Tome of Magic
Greater Path Focus Choose a path of shadow magic to which you have ... Tome of Magic
Ignore Special Requirements The strange constraints thai vestiges place on their summoning are ... Tome of Magic
Improved Binding You are so adept at binding vestiges that you can ... Tome of Magic