Channel Legacy

( Weapons of Legacy, p. 13)


You can call upon the hidden strength within your legacy item to empower yourself for a single spectacular effort.


Least Legacy (WL) , legacy ability with a daily use limit,

Required for

Master Legacy (WL) ,


Choose one of your item's available legacy abilities with a daily use limit. As an immediate action (see the sidebar on page 15), you can expend all the daily uses of that ability to grant yourself a bonus on all attack rolls, saves, and checks. This bonus lasts until the start of your next turn and depends on the power of the legacy ability, as shown in the following table. Legacy Ability Expended Bonus. Least +2. Lesser +4. Greater +6. All daily uses of the legacy ability are expended without their normal effect. You choose the ability when you use this feat.


You cannot use this feat to expend any legacy ability that does not have its full daily complement of uses remaining. For example, if a legacy ability is usable three times per day, all three daily uses must be available to use this feat.