Profession (WIS; Trained only)

(Player's Handbook v.3.5 variant, p. 80)


You are trained in a livelihood or a professional role, such as apothecary, boater, bookkeeper, brewer, cook, driver, farmer, fisher, guide, herbalist, herder, hunter, innkeeper, lumberjack, miller, miner, porter, rancher, sailor, scribe, siege engineer, stablehand, tanner, teamster, woodcutter, or the like.

Like Craft, Knowledge, and Perform, Profession is actually a number of separate skills. For instance, you could have the skill Profession (cook). Your ranks in that skill don't affect any Profession (miller) or Profession (miner) checks you might make. You could have several Profession skills, each with its own ranks, each purchased as a separate skill.

While a Craft skill represents ability in creating or making an item, a Profession skill represents an aptitude in a vocation requiring a broader range of less specific knowledge. To draw a modern analogy, if an occupation is a service industry, it's probably a Profession skill. If it's in the manufacturing sector, it's probably a Craft skill


You can practice your trade and make a decent living, earning about half your Profession check result in gold pieces per week of dedicated work. You know how to use the tools of your trade, how to perform the profession's daily tasks, how to supervise helpers, and how to handle common problems. For example, a sailor knows how to tie several basic knots, how to tend and repair sails, and how to stand a deck watch at sea. The DM sets DCs for specialized tasks.


Not applicable. A single check generally represents a week of work.

Try again

Varies. An attempt to use a Profession skill to earn an income cannot be retried. You are stuck with whatever weekly wage your check result brought you. Another check may be made after a week to determine a new income for the next period of time. An attempt to accomplish some specific task can usually be retried.


Untrained laborers and assistants (that is, characters without any ranks in Profession) earn an average of 1 silver piece per day.

Also appears in

  1. Oriental Adventures

Required for feats

Feat name
Expert Siege Engineer
Great Captain
Old Salt
Sailor's Balance
Ship Savvy
Ship's Mage