(Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss)

Transmutation [Evil]
Level: Cleric 9, Corruption 9,
Components: V, S, M,
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Area: 100 ft./level-radius spread
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude partial (plants) or Fortitude negates (other living creatures)
Spell Resistance: Yes

The rotting plant matter melts away in your hand as a wave of sickly green energy washes over the ground, withering plants and weakening all creatures and objects in its wake.
You blight and corrupt a vast area of land.
Any plant creature in the area that has more than 1 Hit Die must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw or die.
Even with a successful save, it takes 5d6 points of damage.
Less hardy plants simply shrivel and die, and the ground cannot support such plant life ever again.
Every other living creature in the area (other than you) must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw or take 1d4 points of Strength damage.
Every unattended object in the area, including structural features such as walls and doors, grows brittle and loses half its hardness (rounded down, to a minimum of 1), then takes 1d6 points of damage, which automatically bypass any remaining hardness.
Only a wish or miracle spell will enable normal plants to grow in the area ravaged by a despoil spell.
Damaged objects can be repaired with mending spells.
Material Component: The fresh or preserved corpse of a living creature.

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