Classes in Book of Exalted Deeds

Class name Prestige
Anointed Knight yes
Apostle of Peace yes
Beloved of Valarian yes
Celestial Mystic yes
Champion of Gwynharwyf yes
Defender of Sealtiel yes
Emissary of Barachiel yes
Exalted Arcanist yes
Fist of Raziel yes
Initiate of Pistis Sophia yes
Lion of Talisid yes
Prophet of Erathaoi yes
Risen Martyr yes
Sentinel of Bharrai yes
Skylord yes
Slayer of Domiel yes
Stalker of Kharash yes
Swanmay yes
Sword of Righteousness yes
Troubadour of Stars yes
Vassal of Bahamut yes
Wonderworker yes