Classes in Complete Warrior

Class name Prestige
Bear Warrior yes
Bladesinger yes
Cavalier yes
Dark Hunter yes
Darkwood Stalker yes
Dervish yes
Drunken Master yes
Exotic Weapon Master yes
Eye of Gruumsh yes
Frenzied Berserker yes
Gnome Giant-slayer yes
Halfling Outrider yes
Hexblade no
Hulking Hurler yes
Hunter of the Dead yes
Invisible Blade yes
Justiciar yes
Kensai yes
Knight of the Chalice yes
Knight Protector yes
Master of the Unseen Hand yes
Master Thrower yes
Mindspy yes
Nature's Warrior yes
Occult Slayer yes
Order of the Bow Initiate yes
Paladin Variant no
Purple Dragon Knight yes
Rage Mage yes
Ranger Variant no
Ravager yes
Reaping Mauler yes
Ronin yes
Samurai no
Spellsword yes
Stonelord yes
Swashbuckler no
Tattooed Monk yes
Thayan Knight yes
War Chanter yes
Warshaper yes