Feat Category – Fighter Bonus Feat

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Shock Trooper You are adept at breaking up formations of soldiers when ... Complete Warrior
Short Haft You have trained in polearm fighting alongside your comrades in ... Player's Handbook II
Shorten Grip You know how to alter your grip on a reach ... Dragon Compendium
Shot on the Run You are highly trained in skirmish ranged weapon tactics. Player's Handbook v.3.5
Single Blade Style You wield a single weapon well. Dragon Compendium
Slashing Flurry You swing your weapon with uncanny speed, slicing apart a ... Player's Handbook II
Snatch Arrows You are adept at grabbing incoming arrows, as well as ... Player's Handbook v.3.5
Spear of Doom Few can avoid death on your spearpoint when you brace ... Dragonlance Campaign Setting
Spectral Skirmisher You have trained extensively in the use of magic that ... Player's Handbook II
Spinning Defense You can spin a pole arm around you, deflecting attacks. Dragon Compendium
Spirited Charge You are trained at making a devastating mounted charge. Player's Handbook v.3.5
Spring Attack You are trained in fast melee attacks and fancy footwork. Player's Handbook v.3.5
Staggering Blow You are capable of delivering devastating strikes in melee combat, ... Dragon Compendium
Staggering Critical Your critical hits leave your opponents reeling. Drow of the Underdark
Stunning Fist You know how to strike opponents in vulnerable areas. Player's Handbook v.3.5
Subduing Strike You are adept at striking to deal nonlethal damage even ... Book of Exalted Deeds
Superior Expertise You have mastered the art of defense in combat. Oriental Adventures
Surprising Riposte Through deft maneuvering, you unravel your opponent's defenses Drow of the Underdark
Trample You are trained in using your mount to knock down ... Player's Handbook v.3.5
Tremendous Charge You know how to use your mount's power to make ... Dragonlance Campaign Setting