Eilservs School

( Drow of the Underdark, p. 56)


You have learned the fighting techniques of House Eilservs, which utilize magic staffs in combat.


Weapon Focus (PH) ( (quarterstaff)) , Two-Weapon Fighting (PH) , Spellcraft 2 ranks, Base attack bonus +6,


When you strike a creature with a magic staff, you gain a bonus on damage rolls equal to +1 per 10 charges remaining in the staff (rounded up).

If you strike a foe with both ends of a magic staff in the same round, you can immediately activate one of the spells from the staff as a swift action. The spell must target or be centered either on you or the target struck (or on any corner of your or your target's space, in the case of an area spell). This feat doesn't let you activate a magic staff that you wouldn't otherwise be able to activate. Staffs without charges (such as a simple +1 quarterstaff) gain no benefit from this feat.


Activating a spell trigger item is a standard action.