Two-Weapon Fighting

( Player's Handbook v.3.5, p. 102)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You can fight with a weapon in each hand. You can make one extra attack each round with the second weapon.


DEX 15,

Required for

Anvil of Thunder (CW) , Bear Fang (CW) , Crescent Moon (CW) , Double Hit (MH) , Double Wand Wielder (CAr) , Dual Dorje (CP) , Greater Two-Weapon Defense (CW) , Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (DD) , Hammer's Edge (CW) , High Sword Low Axe (CW) , Improved Two-Weapon Defense (CW) , Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (PH) , Lightning Mace (CW) , Multivoice (SS) , Net and Trident (CW) , Off-Hand Parry (MW) , Off-Hand Parry (SF) , Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting (CAd) , Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting (CW) , Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting (EL) , Pin Shield (CW) , Quick Staff (CW) , Reaping Talons (ToB) , Shield of Blades (PE) , Shielded Axe (RS) , Spinning Halberd (CW) , Two-Weapon Defense (PH) , Two-Weapon Pounce (PH2) , Two-Weapon Rend (EL) , Two-Weapon Rend (PH2) , Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (PH) , Dual Strike (CAd) , Haft Strike (DC) , Multitasking (SF) , Eilservs School (DrU) , Steal And Strike (DrU) , Twin Sword Style (Gh) , Prehensile Tail (SS) , Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (EL) , Wind and Fire (SoS) , Flying Tiger (SoS) , Stone Breaker (SoS) ,


Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6.


A 2nd-level ranger who has chosen the two-weapon combat style is treated as having Two-Weapon Fighting, even if he does not have the prerequisite for it, but only when he is wearing light or no armor (see page 48). A fighter may select Two-Weapon Fighting as one of his fighter bonus feats (see page 38).


See Two-Weapon Fighting, page 160, and Table 8-10: Two-Weapon Fighting Penalties, page 160.