Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.


( Ghostwalk, p. 30)

[Ghost, Shaper]

You can create ectoplasm, a gooey physical manifestation of base supernatural spiritual energy.


Required for

Ghost Healing (Gh) , Witchlight (Gh) , Greater Witchlight (Gh) , Rend Ghost (Gh) , Shape Ectoplasm (Gh) , Sculpt Ghost Body (Gh) , Temper Ectoplasm (Gh) ,


As a standard action, you can create enough ectoplasm to fill a human's cupped hands (approximately 1 pound, sufficient to coat a 5-foot-square area with a film). You may manifest this ectoplasm from your hands, eyes, mouth, or any other part of your body. Its color may be pale gray, light blue, light green, or pale yellow. Ectoplasm is ghost touch material and is either sticky or slippery at its creator's discretion. Ectoplasm decays into nothingness after 10 minutes.


A character with the Ectoplasm feat does not take the usual -5 penalty on Wilderness Lore checks when trying to track a manifested ghost.

A character with sticky ectoplasm on her hands and feet gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb checks (this bonus does not stack with similar circumstance bonuses to climbing, such as from a climber's kit).

A character covered in slippery ectoplasm (10 pounds for a Medium-sized creature, 5 pounds for a Small creature) gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Escape Artist checks.

A character with this feat gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Heal checks made to treat ghosts.

A character with slippery ectoplasm on her feet gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Move Silently checks. If she moves more than half her speed in a round, she must succeed on a Balance check (DC 10) in each round of movement or fall. If she moves more than her speed in a single round, the DC for the Balance check increases to 15.

If sticky ectoplasm is placed on a weapon, the weapon is treated as a ghost touch weapon, but it deals only half damage. Special properties on a weapon that create energy (such as flaming, frost, or shock) destroy a coating of ectoplasm in 1d4 rounds.