Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.

Greater Witchlight

( Ghostwalk, p. 34)

[Ghost, Shaper]

Your witchlight can last longer, become hotter, or give off more light.


Ectoplasm (Gh) , Witchlight (Gh) ,


Your witchlight can have any one of the following effects. Each invocation of Witchlight may have a different effect, and over the course of 4 rounds, you can create three different types of witchlight, each with a different effect (it is not possible to add another effect to existing witchlight or change the effect once it is started).

Extended Witchlight: Your witchlight lasts as long as you concentrate + 10 minutes.

Hot Witchlight: Your witchlight deals 1d6 points of fire damage every round to the target. The target can attempt to extinguish the flames in the same manner as extinguishing burning alchemist's fire.

Bright Witchlight: Your witchlight sheds light as a torch.