Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.

Feats in Races of Faerun

Feat name Short description Rulebook
Aftersight You have a trace of the Sight in your blood, ... Races of Faerun
Ancestral Spirit You have ties to the long-dead spirit of one of ... Races of Faerun
Animal Friends Your ability to speak with animals has allowed you to ... Races of Faerun
Arachnid Rider You are trained in the art of employing spiders as ... Races of Faerun
Arctic Adaptation You have adapted to the snowbound environment of the arctic ... Races of Faerun
Azerblood once ruled the Adamant Kingdom of Xothaerin beneath western Amn. ... Races of Faerun
Batrider You are highly skilled in the art of flying dire ... Races of Faerun
Blood of the Warlord You can influence a large number of orcs. Races of Faerun
Breathing Link You can allow a person adjacent to you to breathe ... Races of Faerun
Calishite Elementalist: Air You are a student of the Calishite tradition of elemental ... Races of Faerun
Calishite Elementalist: Fire You are a student of the Calishite tradition of elemental ... Races of Faerun
Caravanner You are skilled at leading caravans along established trade routes. ... Races of Faerun
Celestial Bloodline Some of your latent celestial abilities have matured. Races of Faerun
Chondathan Missionary Your training has emphasized spells that help you spread the ... Races of Faerun
Close-Quarters Fighting You are skilled at resisting grapple attacks from creatures that ... Races of Faerun
Deepening Darkness Your inherent ability to create darkness is more powerful than ... Races of Faerun
Disentangler Thanks to the teachings of Thard Harr, you have practiced ... Races of Faerun
Drow Eyes You have trained your eyes to see in the dark ... Races of Faerun
Duergar Mindshaper You are accomplished at using the power of your mind ... Races of Faerun
Eldritch Linguist You have a deep understanding of how words themselves have ... Races of Faerun