Dream of Contact

( Secrets of Sarlona, p. 115)


The dreamspace threads through you and those you know, allowing your thoughts to touch in dreams.


Dream Scion (SoS) , one other dreamtouched feat,


You experience dreams that focus on those you know. Once per day, you can attempt to touch the mind of a creature while you sleep, rest, or meditate with the intent of restoring your ability to enter a dreamtouched state. You send a short message of twenty-five words or less to a subject you have previously met and spoken to in the waking world. The subject receives and understands the message whether awake or sleeping, but not if unconscious. This ability does not allow the subject to respond, but the subject knows the message is from you.

This ability functions regardless of the distance to the subject, but only if you and the subject are on the Material Plane. Sending your message (whether success­ fully or not) expends one use of your dreamtouched state for the following day.


Taking this feat increases the duration of your dreamtouched state by 1 round.